Projekty UE

About Us

The Amber Martin Buzalski Company, built by four generations, is now one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of silver jewellery with amber in Poland. In 2014 we sold more than 1200 kg of silver and amber jewellery to 42 countries on six continents.

We pride ourselves on the biggest amber jewellery store in Gdansk. In our showroom you can always find more than 300kg of the highest quality products – from the tiny cast pendants, to dazzling handmade necklaces. Every year we introduce new collections to meet global trends.

We are a member of the International Amber Association (IAA), and I perform the function of the Member of the Board of the IAA. With accumulated through years professional secrets and know-how I won the title of the Certified Expert in Amber. Using this knowledge we deal with the extraction and export of raw amber which is available for sale in our Company on constant basis.

We participate in the most important fairs in Poland – Amberif and Ambermart. Our company as one of the four is present at these fairs from the very beginning, namely from 1993. We exhibit also in China – at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and Beijing International Jewellery Fair.

With deep respect to the Gdansk amber craftsmanship tradition we work in the Baltic amber and in silver 925. In 2014 our Company successfully introduced new line of amber set in gold designed in 3D software.

We offer the world’s highest standards of customer service, loyal cooperation and high quality products.


Marcin Buzalski, Owner