Projekty UE


To place an order, please see our catalogues. Each product has its catalogue number and weight indicated, and in the case of casting models– the shape and size of used stones. In the case of handmade jewellery catalogue weights may differ slightly from those listed.

A catalogue number has three components (e.g. HM/6107/P; C/6101/BC):

For handmade jewellery it begins with ”HM/”

for casting – with ”C/”.

Next, there is a unique four-digit collection number ended with an indicator for the assortment of products, for instance: ”/R” for a ring; ”/ER” for earrings; ”/P” for a pendant; ”/BC” for a bracelet: ”/N” for a necklace; ”/BR” for a brooch; and  „/CF” for cufflinks.

While placing an order, please select catalogue numbers, quantity of products and colour of amber which you would like to receive (cognac, green, cherry, natural or yellow matt). For some earrings, you can choose a type of clasp – a studd or a hanging one.

The minimum order quantity is 500g and not less than 5 units from one model. In the case of hand made bracelets and necklaces over 50g, you can order per one piece. Jewellery prices depend on the current prices of raw materials, the level of the exchange rate as well as the size of the order. To get a price list please contact us by e-mail or contact form.

We know from our experience that not all customers are able to place a first order in these amounts. To encourage You, at the first order the quantitative restrictions presented above do not apply. However, we reserve the right to non-execution of the contract if the product is not in stock or the production of individually tailored pieces would complicate our completion of other orders.

We invite you to visit our showroom and buy from the stock. In this case, no minimum purchase amount. After shopping we can process the customs clearance of your purchases that will allow you to secure the export of the jewellery from Poland on board of Your aircraft.

Due to the fact that we have the industry’s largest finished jewellery stock, the implementation of our orders usually requires only three weeks. After completing your order we send an invoice by e-mail. Upon receipt of the transfer we will send the parcel to the indicated address. Taking care of the quality of service we send our jewellery fully insured by the Brinks Global Services. It is the fastest and the safest carrier in the world. To customers from the European Union we can also send the package by EMS. It is also safe but not as fast as Brinks. In case a client expressly wishes so, we can send the package via another courier but in this case we are not responsible for safe arrival. Shipping costs are added to the invoice.

For regular customers we send the package before receiving payment. We also offer delayed payment. When the payment date is up to 30 days from the date of shipment we add 5% to the price, with a period of 60 days we charge extra 10%.

Our products are covered by a one year warranty. We make free repair or replace the product if the damage was our fault. If the damage is the fault of a customer, we can provide a paid repair service. Tarnishing of silver products is not considered a failure but the physical property of silver. The Company can polish silver products for consideration by setting the price and the due date with each customer individually.